Daily Meditation & Mindfulness for Leaders

“It’s ironic that many people hate discipline because discipline creates freedom.” ~ Randy Gage

 Just as eating and sleeping are vital to our physical existence, meditation is essential for our mental and emotional wellbeing.  The practice of meditation and positive reflection and intention (prayer) is fundamental to developing awareness and clarity.  Meditation is a state of deep relaxation that slows or stops the frenetic mental and physical activity that is often the source of stress and burnout, it disconnect you from your true self and keeps you from your natural genius strengths and positive attributes both personally and professionally.

Warning: Your ego will resist and create excuses why you can’t or don’t have time to meditate. Meditate anyway. The quality of your day and of your life depends on it!

Creating a daily practice of meditation is the simple act of taking time each day to still yourself, your energy and your thoughts.  Centering yourself and connecting more deeply to your heart, emotions, and feelings.  This will support you in your growth and mastery as a leader.

When creating a daily practice, the most important first step is to exercise the power of choice and intent.  Remember, by committing to meditate, you are choosing to nurture your highest good and best self.

Developing a Practice

  • Begin by sitting in a quiet, comfortable place and position. Breathe long and slow to become still and quiet.
  • Focus on your breath and begin to release thoughts and ego energy (the frenetic energy, the chaos – to do’s, other people’s issues and energy, thoughts of fear, anxiety, regret etc.).
  • Practice any kind of mediation practice that grounds and centers you.
    • Focused breathing
    • Mantra’s
    • Chanting
    • Prayers
  • Read or listen to a guided meditation
  • Read reflective writings to expand your awareness
  • Journal 

Simple steps to creating a practice of meditation

  • Make it part of your daily routine
  • Do it consistently
  • Do it from a place of desire not obligation, “I want to do this for me and my highest good.”
  • Begin by just sitting aside  10 -15  minutes a day
  • Seat yourself in a comfortable position and close your eyes, turning your attention inwards.
  • Connect to your breath, still yourself, and just observe. 

“He who looks out dreams, He who looks in awakens”

For growth to take place, it is suggested that you get into a routine of daily self-reflection.  It is helpful to pick a time of day when you can sit quietly and review the previous twenty-four hours.  You might choose to do this exercise before going to bed at night, or you may prefer to examine the previous day first thing in the morning.  The time of day does not need to be the same every time, but doing so helps to establish a habit of consistency.

When creating a practice of mindfulness, the most important first step is to exercise the power of choice and intent.  Remember, by committing to a positive daily practice, you are choosing to nurture your highest good.  In doing so, you are inviting a higher power of your best true self, and preparing yourself for your day and to live and create your life from this positive energy.

Self-mastery is an ongoing process, not an event.  Strive for progress, not perfection. These are ideals you are striving for, rather than a checklist of perfectionism.