Meet Chris Sarris

Soul-Based Coaching is the result of Chris Sarris many years of coaching individuals and teaching other coaches, combined with his ongoing commitment to his own personal growth and soul consciousness. What you will find with Chris is the authentic voice of a person who has traveled the path that he teaches. Chris is committed to letting his soul and heart serve his Intellect. He’s learned from the varied terrain that he has traveled, and has integrated this learning into his life and work as a coach and teacher.

He embodies and lives the wisdom and understanding that he offers. There’s an intimacy in his coaching and workshops that makes the learning personal and very relevant. Chris has done, and is doing, the hard personal work of becoming a whole person that is necessary to be an authentic leader and empowered healer and coach. He combines the depth of this journey with his gifts of perception to create a deep and transformational experience for his clients and students and fellow travelers.

Soul-based coaching empowers people to discover their own healing, insights and direction. Through this method of coaching, Chris Sarris guides clients into a satisfying relationship with their everyday lives and into a meaningful rapport with their true inner selves — the soul. This allows clients to shift from a place of fear, pain, suffering and numbness to a place of clarity, truth and freedom.

Chris‘s coaching and leadership development practice evolved naturally from his role as an adviser and consultant in business. For 13 years Chris owned a full services marketing and advertising agency. He acted as an advisor and business strategist to hundreds of companies, their owners, and management teams. Chris received his coaching education from the Coaches Training Institute in 2003. Since then, he has coached over 12,000 hours with hundreds of individuals and organizations in one-on-one sessions and group facilitation. Chris has also developed a 140 hour training and certification course for coaches and healers who want to work with clients at the soul level of healing and consciousness.

Soul Coaching’s unique approach, teachings and training deliver for coaches and healers well defined process and structure to not only transform and deepen their own Soul wisdom but to also create significantly deeper and more powerful coaching conversations with their clients.

Essentially soul coaching is about waking up. At its core, everything presented is applicable to all humans interested in their evolution and transformation. All will benefit greatly from what is offered in these teachings and approach.