Meet Erin Marion

I have always found joy in providing guidance and perspective for others on their journey to move from who and where they are to who and where they want to be. This is why my undergraduate studies began in Psychology. It wasn’t until my first internship at a large automotive supplier that I realized that businesses need the same guidance and perspective to continually evolve in this ever-changing business climate resulting in new demands for human talent and systems. Therefore, I dual majored in Psychology and Business as an undergraduate and pursued my MBA.  Since then, I have served in various Human Resources leadership positions across multiple disciplines and industries with very large and complex corporate structures.

What makes me unique is not only my background but my genuine passion for seeing visions and goals clarified and met by not only the business itself, but by the leaders and the employees who are the foundation of that business. I have always served a dual role as a Human Resources Leader; to advocate for both the employee and the business. Once the realization is made that both must have their needs met is when real growth and change can occur.

Throughout my career, I have coached, guided and trained others across all levels of an organizations in multiple areas such as leadership development, performance management, career pathing, strategic planning, , etc. I’ve always had a strong dedication to transparency and integrity to ensure these exchanges are authentic and meaningful to get the most robust results. Regardless of the area of focus I’m working with, the fulfillment I get from seeing the shifts in others as they become clear on what they want and begin to realize their potential is immeasurable.

I am also an ICF certified Life, Career and Business Coach. My diverse background has led me down several paths with so many wonderful people and organizations. I welcome the opportunity to walk the path with you to realize your business needs and aspirations as well as guide you on your journey of growth and success.

One of my favorite quotes by Lao Tzu is, “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” I am excited to work with you, your team and your business to uncover these answers and unleash your true potential to obtain what you want and work together to guide you to be where you want to be!