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Ever the fan of business, I’ve been an entrepreneur since high school. I started and developed businesses surrounding public speaking and training, entertainment, web development, and content creation. Having also received my masters degree in business management, strategy, and leadership from Michigan State, I am fully equipped to lead in the creation of processes that develop teams, cultivate wellbeing, drive motivation, resolve conflict, develop systems, manage talent, increase performance, and think strategically.

As a spiritual guide, I’ve been a close confidant and advisor to hundreds of people from many walks of life for more than 20 years, including CEO’s, owners, and top level management.  It’s been one of the joys of my life to be a trusted voice and guide through periods of transition, growth, pain, struggle, loss, addiction, success and triumph.  Those that know me the best have shared that they appreciate my unique skills in actively listening, defining reality, simplifying complex ideas, finding clarity, and asking deep and penetrating questions; all while consistently demonstrating compassionate curiosity, understanding acceptance, and authentic care.

The dual focus of my life has uniquely positioned me to the work we do with The Soul of Business. Just as every person has a soul, the deepest part of ourselves that transcends the masks we where, the stories we tell ourselves, and even the false beliefs we often allow to govern our decisions, every business has a soul, as well. It is the culture that is created by the collective soul health of the people within the organization; starting at the top. And as any expert will tell us; as culture goes, so goes the business.

I would love the opportunity to work with you to develop the soul of your business. Together we can cultivate a company culture that drives performance, retention, satisfaction, and wellbeing that will take your business to the next level.

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