About the Soul Space: Business Growth

The Soul Space: Business Growth method and process is a catalyst for organizational development at individual, team and organizational levels.

Our unique approach and coaching process creates insight, understanding and clarity as to the deeper drivers and motivators of your teams behaviors and the culture of the team and organization.

Soul Space adds deep value to engagement, change management, organizational culture, team development and organizational coherence. In teams and broader groupings, we provide both diagnosis and development opportunities by reflecting “what is” as well as holding the key to new thinking and behavior patterns the individual, team or organization needs to achieve its greatest potential.

Together with our clients, we are committed to making the world of work a better place.

We don’t believe that work is just something to pay the bills. It can create purpose in our lives, connect us with others, and provide daily opportunities to learn and grow. We help individuals find and ‘craft’ their roles to do more of what they love, and organizations to become more successful.

Below you’ll find the details of some of the companies we’ve worked with, case studies of what we’ve done together and testimonials.

The Soul Space: Business Growth Coaches are unique and unlike others I have worked with. I have worked and interacted with other coaches and business advisors and the Soul Space coaches bring something I have never experienced with others. They listen and hear differently.

They have an inviting and firm way of holding you and your team accountable. They have a depth and insight to help executives in the C-Suite and everyday people shift their thinking and change their behaviors forever. My personal and professional life have positively shifted, now that I have refocused my vision and grown as a leader – following their advice and counsel. My business and I are ever grateful. 

Rob Montgomery, Allstate Insurance, Agency Owner

As a business owner, one of the inescapable truths is that I must continue to invest in my business in order to help it grow and to increase my impact. As a Teacher, Healer and Guide, I believe it’s even more crucial to invest in my own expansion as a transformational force in the world. When I began to work with Soul Space: Business Growth, I hoped I would get a bit of both.

I can say without hesitation that I have grown professionally and personally on every level, and truly created far more impact that I thought possible in one year. 

To say this was a good investment would be completely inadequate. Not only did the coaching and process meet my needs and promise, they far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking that next level in their business and life. 

Cindy Crandell, Nuview Nutrition Owner

People with Soul

Chris Sarris
Chris SarrisFounder & Guide
Erin Marion
Erin MarionGuide & Growth Catalyst
Dr. Klint Pleasant
Dr. Klint PleasantCoach, Guide & Growth Catalyst
Holly Mihelic
Holly MihelicGuide & Growth Catalyst